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Point of difference between GMO and Epigenetics

We would like now to outline the main differences between AEC’s technology and Genetic engineering. Genetic engineering mainly involves the creation of recombinant DNA in vitro, recombinant DNA is a combination of DNA from different organisms or different locations in a given genome that would not normally be found in nature. After splicing together fragments from one or more organisms it is then introduced to the plant through a bacteria, or by Microprojectile bombardment, which is basically a gun. It shoots a payload of gold particles coated with plasmid DNA into the plant and hoping a piece ends up in a cell and is taken up and integrated into the plants DNA.

Genetic Engineering targets genes directly attempting to influence traits.

This approach is different from classical plant breeding which rely on selection across many generations for traits of interest. Classical breeding operates on traits, only indirectly selecting genes.

AEC’s approach is the much the same. For one it relays on reactivation of genes already present within the plant, but silenced due to epigenetic mechanisms. It effects traits directly and only indirectly selects for genes. As with GM it to uses cutting edge molecular technology.