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Addressing problems relating to rising soil salinity in once prime agricultural areas 

Our models address short term issues as well as providing a long term solution. We achieve this by establishing a farming based bioremediation ecosystem that will reduce and remove total dissolved solids (TDS) from the soil and improve soil structure. This is achieved by simulating and improving on the principles that exist in natural ecosystems. The proposed salinity solutions draws from a wide field of experience and research and must be tailored to suit the catchment and desired outcomes.

AEC scientific team has years of experience in the development of salt tolerant plants and tree species. They have worked with some of largest coal seam gas producers to develop a plant based remediation systems for their discharge water. Any remediation solution will involve the development of a series of salt tolerant crop and tree species to deal with the most degraded parts of the catchment.

Our agronomists, plant scientists and molecular biology departments, will work together to develop the best solution. Any solution will include a carefully design organic fertilizer program including endemic microbiology for the soil as this is an important step in restoring soil structure. In the short term we can develop crop species such as strawberry’s or nut trees which can be irrigated with much higher levels of salt effected water.